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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

Who is organizing the Party, Ball or Function?



Invariably small parties are organized by just one or two enthusiastic people.  The larger the event (hopefully) you can call upon others to help.

Although it is possible for just one or two people to organize a Ball for 200-300 guests, it does take a lot of time and effort to pull-it-off!

If you can, rope in others to help on the various organizing aspects to the Party or Ball.

It may sound 'grand' but organize a committee, with each committee member having a specific role or function.  The ideal committee will consist of people fulfilling the following roles:


The numbers of guests and what you plan to do will indicate how much help you will need not only before the event/Ball/function but during AND after.  Cleaning the venue of debris and transforming it back to its original state is just as important as putting up the decorations and theming props before the party!