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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

Vodka Luges, Ice Sculptures and Twisters


Although our Secret Agent (apparently) only drinks Martinis (shaken not stirred of course), liven up your party with an amazing central, focal piece - a Vodka Luge, Ice Sculpture or Twister!


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What is a Vodka Luge?

A Vodka Luge is a block of ice carved into just about any shape imaginable. The general dimensions are 1m x 1/2m. Within the ice, a channel is carved; usually starting at the top of the ice creation and winding its way out at some lower point on either side (left or right) of the sculpture.

007 -shaped Vodka Luge
Vodka (usually - but does not have to be) shot is poured into the top of the luge. The liquid travels down the channel (by good old gravity!) On its way down it becomes very cold before exiting at the bottom. Guests will hold a shot glass at the exit point to capture every little drop of the precious liquid.

The idea is then to 'knock-back' the vodka in 'one-go'.




The vodka (or drink) exiting the luge is very cold indeed and does not actually taste of vodka at that stage - just 'a flavoured liquid'. HOWEVER, because you have 'knocked it back in one-go', Diamonds are Forever Vodka Lugethe liquid instantly warms up in the back of your throat. The kick and flavour of the vodka (be it: Lemon, Vanilla, Raspberry, Lime, Peach, Mango, Pear, Mandarin or some other exotic flavour) then bursts out and gives a phenomenal taste sensation!


A unique enjoyment sensation

Vodka Luges are tasting experiences - not a means to get 'blind drunk'. They are fun, different and add a 'punch' to any party, Ball or event.



What shape is best?

Every party is unique; with a different emphasis or slant on the 'secret agent experience'. Deciding on what shape to have can be a little difficult (as we hand-carve our sculptures and can literally make what-ever you wish - within reason of course), so here are just a few suggestions:

The ONLY limitation we have  - is your imagination!  If you can think of an idea, a shape or something you would like to have, we'll translate that idea into reality.

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