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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

Secret Agent Props for Hire

Adding a few large theming props can transport the ambiance of the room or the entire evening to a new and exciting level. Secret Agent parties are about glamour, glitz and excitement.

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL items in the following shops are for HIRE only.  In addition,  there will be a minimum order value and a delivery, set-up fee to be added to the set hire fee

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There are several ways to create a spectacle: 

Make a dramatic focal point of the item chosen in the 'main room' (where everyone congregates),

Create small  vignettes around the venue that guests either stumble upon or are drawn to,

Devise a 'show', a short theatrical set-piece of acting / dancing / performance around the chosen prop or props.


With a little thought, imagination and planning any evening can be transformed into something amazing and unforgettable.