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Our look-alikes can certainly perform some great and amazing magic (especially on the ladies!) However,


Chris Richards - Magician Extrodinaire

Winner of the 2009 Business Awards Entertainment category. Chris is one of those extremely talented, rare and amazing young British magicians that amazes and defies belief.

Forget about pulling a rabbit from a top hat, Chris' magic is so different he always leaves his audience not only guessing how he did that, but wanting more and more of his unique brand of

misdirection and mind bending feats. If this was the 17th century, he would most certainly have been burnt at the stake by now!

Chris' magic and performance-entertainment can be tailored to fit any Bond party or event. He can offer a bespoke service to literally entrance a large or small audience with Close-up Magic, Mentalism and hypnosis.

He can design and produce fully brand orientated shows; including your company logo or Ball logo - call for prices

Prices to Hire Chris

Brian Hellyer -   Seeing is not believing

Brian is suave, sophisticated and just simply incredible at what he does - or is that, making you believe what he does?

He is currently President of The Lincoln Society of Magicians as well as being a member of Equity.  Brian is a true Master in every sense of the word.  Affable, charming and TOTALLY beguiling with guests. 

His repertoire is wonderfully varied from: amazing sleight of hand illusions through to adult humour orientated risqué mind-bending feats of trickery. You WILL be spell-bound, intrigued and asking, 'how did he do that?'

Brian has such stage-presence and command of his audience - they are almost like putty in his hands. Always the gentleman, he has a cheeky smile and manner that extracts the wonderment in most people.

If your event is important to you and your guests - Brian is one of the finest Magicians Britain has ever produced.  Your wallet, your watch, £20 notes and other such valuables are not safe in his hands!


Prices To Hire Brian