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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

How Many guests do you wish to invite?



The answer to this question relies on whom you are organizing the Ball / Party or function for.

Organizing a party for 50 friends is, in certain respects is a little easier and perhaps less work than organizing a Charity Ball for 300 guests.

If you are charging for the tickets for your function, it follows the more guests that buy tickets, the greater your income will be and thus more profit you will (potentially) make.


Simple example

If your basic (total) costs for your function add up to £10.00 per head and you are charging £20.00 per ticket, it is obvious to say you will be making a profit of £10.00 per ticket sold.  This leads on to two things:

  1. Your £10.00 profit can be put towards the Charity you are supporting (if that is the aim of the Ball / function)
  2. You can re-invest some or all of that £10.00 profit per head into adding 'extras' for your guests to enjoy.

This once again boils down to:


Questions to ask: